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We Believe In Practical Solutions To Interior Design

What do we mean by practical solutions?

Whether you’re decorating a brand new office or redecorating your existing office, our goal is to help you achieve a cohesive look and blend the elements into an atmosphere that will be inviting and comforting for your patients. Most important, we strive to create an office for you that represents your feelings and values.

To achieve this goal we work with you to determine your preferences, your budget and any special needs like practice specialty. We review every wall, floor, ceiling and cabinet to ensure that we’re covering every detail. We advise you on the most durable materials appropriate to each area and color coordinate all of your selections.

At Interiors By René we have over 20 years experience to help you achieve the look you desire. To help you gain a better understanding of the full range of services that we offer, it might be helpful to clear up some of the confusing industry terminology.

Interior Decorator, Interior Designer, Certified Interior Designer … What’s the difference?

The title of Interior Decorator and Interior Designer can be interchangeable. Since there is no special training or knowledge required, anyone can claim either title. The definitions shown below refer to professionals who have learned their craft either through professional institutions, years of experience, or both.

Paint, Furniture, Flooring
Interior Decorators specialize in the art of selecting, arranging and coordinating furniture, decorative features, colors, fabrics, etc. to provide a certain feel, style or theme. For example: Art Deco, Southwestern, Contemporary, Jungle, etc.

New Walls, Moving Walls, Cabinetry Design
Interior Designers place an emphasis on planning, functional design and effective use of space. They have an understanding of technical issues such as plumbing, lighting and construction requirements. They can complete an interior design project from start to finish including decorating recommendations, preparing construction documents for bidding and permitting, as well as supervising the construction and installation of the work. This person in essence becomes your agent to deal with local building codes, building departments, and licensed contractors.

Plan Check, Access Codes
Certified Interior Designers are competent design professionals who may prepare and submit nonstructural, non-seismic construction documents and specifications to local building departments for the purposes of plan check

Certified Interior Designers have demonstrated through education, experience and examination their knowledge of the Uniform Building Code as it relates to space planning, life safety, flammability and disabled access code issues. For more information about these categories see

What We Do

At Interiors By Ren’e we have all these services available. We are interior designers and through Unique Interior Designs we offer Certified Interior Design services.

Whether opening a new office or redecorating an existing one, there are so many things to consider. Often a new office will begin with a clean slate but redecorating can be more challenging. You’ll need to determine how much of the office should be done, how to match or change some colors and how to schedule the work with the least amount of disruption to your staff and patients.

Be sure to visit this website often where we share our interior design experience and provide plenty of helpful hints with our focus on Practical Solutions To Interior Design.

Dental Office Decorating – The Healing Elements of Nature

I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright. ~Henry David Thoreau

Imagine yourself meandering through the park on a balmy day surrounded by nature’s colors and textures: a warm sun in a brilliant blue sky, the varied shapes of supple green leaves hanging from trees covered by wood bark, the scent of multi-colored flower blossoms and butterflies floating in the air. Can being surrounded by nature help you feel stress-free?

“Research shows that a walk in the park is more than just a nice way to spend an afternoon. It’s an essential component for good health, according to University of Illinois environment and behavior researcher Frances Kuo.”

Studies have proven time and again that color, light, and an access to nature promotes a feeling of calm and by using nature-inspired colors, textures and patterns you can bring a sense of nature into your dental office.


The following materials can give you an idea of how to represent nature in your dental office.

Vinyl Flooring Wood Textures

Floors can be covered in easily maintained luxury vinyl having the appearance of stone or wood.


Waiting Room Chair

Waiting room chair fabrics can depict leaves or other elements of nature.

Interior Decorating and Design – Meeting the City’s Silver Rating LEED Requirement

Interior Decorating - Calabasas Shopping CenterA few months ago we were approached to do a design project for Dr. Khalepari in a brand new shopping center. Dr. Khalepari proudly showed us the modern architectural design that had been strongly influenced by comments of the surrounding residential community.

The shopping center would include two outdoor plazas, water features, two outdoor fireplaces situated along the outdoor seating area and landscaping consisting of approximately 230 new trees.

In addition. Dr. Khalepari was happy to announce that the shopping center design would conform to the City’s “Silver” rating LEED requirement. This means that the shopping center is considered a “green building.” Green buildings are structures that use valuable resources such as energy, water, materials, and land more efficiently than buildings that are simply built to code. Green buildings are kind to the environment and provide healthy, comfortable, productive indoor spaces. So we had to be sure that all materials would conform to the Leed requirements.

Dental Office Building Design - Interior Decorating


We were impressed with the unique architectural building design and knew that the interior design should be as impressive.

The interior space was an interesting challenge because of the ceilng heights. As you enter the suite the ceiling is 25 feet high then slopes down to 17 feet where it levels off and remains at that height for the balance of the suite. This made for a wonderful design opportunity.


Dental Office Storefront - Night time lighting - Interior Decorating










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Your needs, your style, and your budget combined with our professional design expertise will provide you with the special office you desire.

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